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Love Ourselves, Love Others



Our first-ever children’s book, Lolo’s Superpower, is the story of a squishy, blue toy, that simply loves being different. Lolo teaches children about what it means to be amazingly and uniquely different than everyone else. Through Lolo’s perspective, we all learn that by embracing what makes us uniquely different from each other, gives us the ability to welcome our unique differences, instead of fearing them.

Purchase your copy of Lolo’s Superpower below and share the love by giving a copy to a child at one of Project Lolo’s partnering care facilities with our ‘buy one, give one’ or ‘give a book’ options.


Reviews of Lolo’s Superpower:

“Every few years, a children’s book comes out that inspires us to rethink our idea of what friendship means. This sweet and compassionate story observes what it means to be different in the eyes of a child.” —Lisa Cartwright, M.Ed

“The author’s firsthand experience gives authenticity to this heartfelt, moving story of Lolo, a little blue doll, who will steal your heart as they learn to embrace their differences. A great message for all our children.” —Dan Wellik

“In Lolo’s Superpower, Leslie captures the need for all children to embrace what make them different and gives them their own, unique ‘super powers;’ and NOT be defined by society’s expectations and limitations. As Leslie has lived with limb loss since the age of six, she understands first-hand, the perspective of being a child who sees themselves for themselves, in spite of their ‘disability’, or what she calls, ‘differing ability’. This book’s strong message is sure to teach children and others that our greatest losses can provide us our greatest strength and gifts.” —Gregory D. Gadson


Lolo’s Superpower is also available for purchase from the following retailers: Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Itasca Books. Ask your local bookstore to carry Lolo’s Superpower and don’t forget to get a copy for a friend, local school, doctor’s office and daycare.


Love Ourselves, Love Others, LLC is a Minnesota limited, liability company based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Love Ourselves, Love Others, LLC donates a portion of its profits to Project Lolo℠, a U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS)-deemed 501(c)(3) non-profit, public charity duly incorporated and registered in the State of Minnesota. Donations and gifts made to Project Lolo are considered tax-deductible charitable contributions under this designation.