Maybe, Just Maybe, I Got It Right

While writing Lolo’s Superpower, I continually obsessed about the “psychology” of the book’s message and how it would affect children who read it or heard it. Thinking about the potential impact, there was no room for error. Not getting it right was not an option. 

Thanks to my talented and ever-so-diplomatic editor, she pushed my thinking and re-writing in new dimensions until we both knew the final draft was truly final before going to press. 

Although I’ve read the book countless times and critiqued its every word, phrase and illustration placement; I never really saw it for what it was until today. 

The voice of Lolo is my 6-year-old voice and the experience of Lucy is my 6-year-old experience. The strength of Lolo comes from my Mom, Dad, and brother, Greg.  They, along with so many others, saw me for who I was and not a little girl who lost her leg from an accident.

Their strength enabled this little girl, so desperately wanting to be seen as no different, to embrace my physical difference as my greatest strength. They gave me my super power.  They gave me Lolo.

And today I think, maybe, just maybe, I got it right.

Leslie Pitt Schneider