Educating a Child Starts at Home, By Gregory Pitt

Parents and non-parents alike understand that basic education for children starts well before they ever enter a school, Montessori or daycare facility.  Children absorb everything around them, perhaps more than we realize. 

I remember when my son was 2 or 3 years old.  His mother and I thought we were ahead of the curve, teaching him counting to ten, ABC’s and such.  One afternoon, while holding up the corresponding number of fingers and counting to 10, our son responded by counting back to us in Spanish!  Turns out, he had been using various learning games on the computer at daycare and had taught himself. 

As the children in your life get ready are returning to school, take some time to impart them with lifelong understanding and empathy of children that may look, act, communicate or move differently.

Health topic focused website, The Mighty, shared an open-letter by Author and Educator Jessica Grono. Her experience of growing up with differing abilities left her feeling excluded from the activities or social gatherings of her peers. 

As hard as might be for a child to experience such heart break and exclusion, her situation could have been much worse if she had been born in a developing country.  Globally, children with differing abilities are often the most marginalized and discriminated groups. 

We partner with Project Lolo, a global non-profit that helps kids in developing countries get access to orthopedic care or devices. Each purchase of Lolo’s Superpower goes to their mission so that children can thrive and assimilate into their society.  Their goal, and our goal, is that ALL children have the opportunity to live life to their full potential like the amazing author and educator, Jessica Grono.


Love Ourselves, Love Others